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APRIL 29th 2017
Sponsored by Speaker Kurt Daudt

WHEREAS, there are more than 5,000 jobs directly tied to Minnesota’s mining industry; and

WHEREAS, the unemployment rate along the Iron Range is almost twice as high as the unemployment rate for the State of Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, new mining projects along the Iron Range will create 360 permanent mining-related jobs and 830 temporary construction jobs; and

WHEREAS, the Minnesota Democrat-Farm-Labor (DFL) Party has failed to pass a resolution supporting new mining projects; and

WHEREAS, the Dayton Administration has used the environmental review process to unnecessarily delay the approval of economic development projects across northern Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota Republicans believe we can responsibly protect the environment while at the same time taking advantage of our natural resources to create jobs and grow the economy along the Iron Range and across Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Minnesota Platform states, “we should follow commonsense practices in forest, wetlands and wildlife management, and promote multiple uses of natural resources in most cases. Republicans encourage free enterprise in the agricultural economy, and support technological advances in the creation, processing and use of agricultural products and natural resources;”

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee affirms its commitment to support mining and finds that responsible mining of our natural resources has the ability to usher in a wave of economic development across Minnesota.

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