Daudt Sworn In as Speaker of the House

Growing up on my family’s farm near Princeton, Minnesota I learned from my father how to work hard and fix what is broken.

First, you identify the problem and then you work (with as many hands as you can find to help) toward a solution.

We have an opportunity to do just that in Minnesota.

I look out on the House Floor today and I see 26 new members of this legislative body.

Over the course of the last year, they’ve probably dreamed of coming here to make a real difference.

When I look at their faces, I see optimism.

My challenge to those of us who are returning here: let’s not change them. Let’s let them change us.

We should not forget what we were like on our first day here and where we came from.

The gavel I’m using here today was made from white oak that came from my grandparents’ farm – it will serve as a daily reminder of where I come from and the great people I represent.

Let’s allow the citizens we represent to define the scope of our work.

Let’s identify problems they care about and let’s roll up our sleeves and work together toward solutions that best suits them.

We should all expect and embrace new ideas to make government work better for Minnesotans.

If we follow these principles and focus on the issues that will have the greatest impact on Minnesotans, this place will function better.

It is the greatest honor of my life to be elected as Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

I am ready for the challenge of advocating for solutions we believe are best for Minnesotans and I am willing to listen to those who argue the alternative.

Minnesotans deserve a great debate on these issues.

As your new Speaker, I will not have every answer. A good leader inspires and draws the best ideas from each and every one of you. And allows the greatest ones to be put into action.

We need as many hands on deck as possible to pitch in and demonstrate to the next generation, like my little nephew Nicholas, how to work hard and fix what is broken.

Together, we can make progress in 2015 and in the next decade to come.

Thank you very much for this great honor.

Now let’s get to work for Minnesotans.